Thursday, April 8, 2010

Dear Salt Lake City,

Welcome to the home of the Rose Park Revival Council. We are a growing community organization of Rose Park residents who, through community involvement, and old fashioned hard work, are ready to make a difference. We are made up of teachers, lawyers, landscape designers, architects, carpenters, engineers, and many other professions. We are mothers, fathers, grandma's, grandpa's, children, pets and most importantly, we are all Rose Park residents.

Since Rose Park was constructed in the 1940's, a less than desirable social stigma has been attached that continues to this day. Our goal at RPR is to get involved, as a community, on such a scale that we can make noticeable strides toward changing that stigma to one of unity, family, and quality of life. For those of us who have lived here for many years, these traits are evident in our community. We intend to involve state and local officials, community representatives, developers, businesses and whomever we can to bring about positive change to our neighborhood.

As a beginning point, we have contacted the Utah Department of Transportation regarding the construction and maintenance of the new 10th north overpass, as well as the neighboring construction on the northern half of our 6th north overpass. Beautification elements for these new bridges, such as rock and terrace landscaping were not adequately lobbied for during the planning stages over 5 years ago and therefore will not be part of the finished project. The state and city have limited funds due to budget cuts and unfortunately, have no intention to contribute to these facilities.

In addition, the amount of roadside litter on the 600 north overpass is astounding. On April 7th, volunteers from a local scout group spent an hour picking up trash on the north bound exit and the south bound on ramp. In that hour, they filled 9 large bags with trash. The area they covered makes up less than one eighth of the greenspace on the overpass.

This area has become our first priority as it provides an overwhelmingly negative first impression to our neighborhood. In conjunction with UDOT, city officials and our community, we want to make the overpass an attractive introduction to our community.

In order to be successful in this process, we first need to communicate this message to all in our community who will listen. Please pass this blog address on to your friends, neighbors, and others in your community who may be willing to help. Sign up as followers and subscribe to the feed provided. As information becomes available, we will post it on RPR. In the month of May we will schedule a meeting to discuss our best course of action. A portion of that meeting will consist of trash clean-up on the 6th North overpass.

Thanks to all of you for your support. We can accomplish this goal together if we are willing to unify ourselves, becoming one voice for the continuing revitalization of Rose Park.


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