Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Another opportunity to make our community a better place.

Ok, before you get the idea that I am pushing some green peace hippie propaganda down your throats I want to enlighten you as to what the word "environment" means. Over the years the "E" word has come to bear the burden of all natural spaces like forests, national parks, wetlands, waterways, and publicly managed lands. In truth, your environment is whatever is around you when you say the words "my environment". Right now I'm in a basement office staring at a computer and a dry erase board and for the moment, it's my environment. (And I don't plan on chaining myself to a tree to protect it any time soon!)

The Utah Society for Environmental Education (USEE) is performing a study on the Rose Park area and they want to know what you feel about your neighborhood environment. If you're not satisfied with something, like water or air quality, noise pollution, light pollution, not enough light, public safety, etc. etc. this is your chance to speak up. It is my understanding that (USEE) has received a grant to improve whatever we as Rose Park residents identify and this study will help determine what that is.

So take a minute and fill out the survey. This is one of the opportunities I always preach about where if people know what's going on they can get involved and make a difference. Just click the link below to get started and don't forget share this blog post with your neighbors.

I want to help make Rose Park a better place (take the survey)

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