Monday, November 15, 2010

Hmmmm, what was that again?

This post is a short one but it's an important one nonetheless. All too often, established media outlets like the Trib, DesNews, and the majority of the broadcasted news channels give our beloved area a good deal of undeserved, predominantly negative attention.

I thought it fitting to show you a time when our good friends at City Weekly have decided to turn this concept on it's ear and give us positive accolades for something that is not in our exact boundaries. The article, about an oriental restaurant, uses the phrase "The increasingly fashionable Rose Park area" to describe the location of said restaurant. That's right my friends, "increasingly fashionable" and "Rose Park" in the same sentence. What does this mean you say? It's simple, whether or not you dig sushi or drink sake, the news outlet was given something positive to report and they did just that.

Keep it up folks.

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