Monday, November 1, 2010

Welcome to Neighborhood Watch 2.0!

With the recent success of catching 3 daytime home burglars by using email, we have been asked by the community to go full scale with the idea by creating what we are calling the Rose Park Email Network (RPEN). RPEN will not be used to send pictures of birthday parties or to talk about how awesome our pets are. Rather, it will be an information distribution tool that leans more toward crime, community issues which may require our involvement, or civic issues or decisions that may affect our lives as residents of Rose Park. For example, if a city project involves construction in our area and a period of public comment is mandated by the city, then we will broadcast that information so that all parties who may have a desire to weigh in on the matter will have an opportunity to do so. All too often these opportunities go by with very few people knowing about them and by the time construction has begun, it is too late.

If you are interested in joining RPEN, simply send us an email at We will never use your email for anything but this purpose and will not pass it on to anyone else. If we do this right, and all of us as Rose Park residents get involved toward making a positive difference in our community, I think we'll all find that RPEN is truly mightier than the sword. (I'm sorry, I just couldn't resist!)

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