Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Go ahead and tri it!

Often when people conjure up there idea of what a Triathlon is, they usually see the hardcore ESPN version, in other words, people wobbling out of control from their body shutting down, incapable of producing the necessary muscle synapses required to finish the last 10 feet to the finish line. Sounds like a blast eh? Well, triathlons, like any other sport, don't start by throwing newbies into the Superbowl just so the fans can watch Troy Polamalu rip your head off.

They start small.

A "Sprint" Triathlon is the one most people cut their teeth on, and for some, it's all they'll ever do because they're fun and the training doesn't have to consume your free time. In fact, most fit people could participate in a sprint triathlon tomorrow without suffering more than a bit of Advil grade soreness. Let's break it down so you know how easy it really is.

  • First the swimming, in a regular "Full" Triathlon its 2.4 miles, a "Sprint" triathlon is only 0.47miles or 1/5th the distance.

  • Then, you ride your bike for 12.4 miles compared to 112 miles in the full triathlon you see on ESPN. To put the 12.4 in perspective, I ride 13-18 miles almost every day and it takes me between 45 minutes to an hour.

  • Last, you run 3.1 miles (a 5k) compared to 26.2 (a marathon) in the full triathlon.

So all in all, its a nice way to spend a Saturday morning.

I bring this up because for the first time, Rose Park is hosting a Sprint Triathlon out of the Northwest Recreation Center. The event has been conservatively advertised (I work in a tri-related industry and I have only heard of it mentioned once) but nevertheless, it is an opportunity for us as Rose Park residents to get out there and show the city and our children & families that we care about being fit and healthy. Unfortunately, the tri is currently in jeopardy of being canceled due to a lack of participation. In fact, according to a source at the Rec center, the decision will be made by this Friday as to whether or not the race will be held. In support of this event, I am considering a possible change from riding in the Front Runner Metric Century (consequently held on the same day) to participating in the Northwest Sprint Triathlon.

If you, or any of your friends would be interested in helping to make this event a success, please contact Kara Batt at 385-468-1305 or by email before this Friday! you can also click the link below to get more information like route details, packet pick-up info, and start times. Please pass this on to everyone you can think of, Rose Park needs this event, and events like it to be a success. If this one fails, future events will surely be disadvantaged.

Thanks to all of you.


  1. we would love to support but the Sprint Tri still seems pretty intimidating. Maybe they can consider hosting a 5K instead? if they haven't already plan to do so. For some reason, I think that residents would respond better to an event like that...

  2. There is a team option: $75 per team. If you are too intimidated to do the full tri, make a team and come!

  3. Also, if you would like a discount, mention Canyon Sports at the rec center and they will give you $10.00 off. That makes it a $30 per single and $65 per team. That is super reasonable. I withdrew from a 65k road bike ride on the same day that cost $60 if you pre-registered! This is a cheap way to test your appetite for similar events in the future.

  4. I'm gonna give it a try Coleen! I'd feel better about doing it with a team. :) thanks.