Thursday, April 21, 2011

Time to Get Dirty!

Your hands dirty. Although Dirty Harry would be cool too.

First off I want to thank all of those who attended our first "Meeting of the Minds" at the Day Riverside Library. We had a great showing and I think the meeting was a testament to just how many people want to be involved in doing something good for our neighborhood. Many of you who were unable to attend asked me if I would post a summary of what was covered, and where we will be focusing our efforts over the next 12-18 months. If you would like to peruse the meetings entire agenda, it is located under the tab "RPR News and Events" . You'll notice that the the agenda doesn't mention which projects were ultimately chosen by the group, I will briefly cover those in this post, but they will also be posted in detail under the tab "How Can I Get Involved?". If you missed the meeting, or if your new to RPR and want to get involved, please take a minute to look through the information listed there including who to contact for the project that you want to help with.

Of the 17 projects listed (2 were added in the course of the meeting) we asked each member to vote for 5 that they thought were important, in order of priority. After the voting was finished, the following 3 projects were selected for immediate action.

  • Farmers Exchange (dubbed the "Crop Swap" by one of our members) This project received over 60 votes

  • Annual or Bi-Annual Jordan River Floating Clean-up - This project received 47 votes

  • Home Improvement How-to Fair - This Project received 28 votes

There were 2 additional projects that were considered priorities by many members, but it was decided that they were more long range in nature. These projects make up priorities 4 & 5 and will be targeted for the summer of 2012.

  • The Fun-O-Rama - This project received 27 votes and was unanimously combined with the 4th of July firework display as a potential fundraiser to pay for the fireworks.

  • A Small Summer Outdoor Concert Series - This project received 25 votes.
In addition to these projects, one more program was deemed simple enough to undertake and will be headed up by an RPR volunteer.

  • Summer "Yard of the Week" program. This was not formally voted on but was decided by a majority of those in attendance to be worthy of immediate attention.
It should also be noted that the "Rose Park Signage" project was undertaken more than three months ago and is currently stalled at the City level waiting for a comprehensive list of design regulations (primarily dealing with size and set-back requirements at each location). Also, the 6th North overpass clean-up and possible landscaping improvements have also been discussed. We plan on contacting U-DOT in hopes of adopting just the overpass as it represents a first impression to our community.

Where do we go from here?

Each of the 3 "high priority" projects now have elected Project Managers. They will be coordinating the efforts associated with their respective projects. We intend to implement each of these projects during this summer. If you are new to RPR and want to help out, go to "How Do I get Involved" to find the Project Managers contact information and updates on their efforts.

Thanks again to all of you who are dedicated to making our community a better place.


  1. I, personally, am excited about these projects, especially the "yard of the week."

  2. Marianne, I spent 2 hours in my yard last night sprucing it up just for you! ;) My husband and I are really exciting to get the ball rolling on all of these projects!

  3. I'm excited too! Keep us updated on when you'll start doing "yard of the week" :)

  4. Marianne, 1414 here. Just found the site. looks like lots of cool projects on the way! Pick us! :)