Monday, July 18, 2011

Get ready to swap your crops!

Thanks to one of our dedicated, hardworking committee's, the first ever Rose Park Crop Swap has prepared itself for a solid rookie year.

For those who may not know what we're talking about, the Crop Swap is a new idea that spawned from our efforts to start a farmers market right here in Rose Park. The feedback we received was very positive but insightful as well. Folks here are so kind that the idea of selling the fruits of their gardens was a bit foreign, when they usually just give them away to neighbors and friends. So we went back to the drawing board, re-tooled the idea, and wallah, the Crop Swap idea was born.

The concept is pretty simple really. Who wouldn't like a few more Armenian Cucumbers or a burgeoning Brandywine beefsteak tomato every now and then? Who has a pear tree that wouldn't mind trading a few pears for a bushel of apples?

And the best part? No money is exchanged. That's right, it's all free.

Now I know you're all waiting for me to say, "but wait" or to throw in some kind of limited time offer that requires you to pay $879 in postage and handling, but you'll be waiting for a long while. That being said, we do have a few rules as to how this event will be governed.

The Crop Swap is located at Steenblik Park on 800 North and goes from 6:30-8:30 on August 11th and August 25th. Additional dates may be added if the need arises.

Home grown only. (Please do not bring purchased fruits and veggies unless you intend to donate them to the "free for all" which occurs at 8:00pm)

Bring a box, take a box. Please do not take any more than you have brought. There will be Rose Park Revival Coalition members in nifty Crop Swap T-shirts helping to organize the event. If you have any questions, track one of them down.

At 8:00pm the Free For All" Begins. We want everyone to have access to the fresh fruits and veggies grown here in Rose Park, even those without gardens who are unable to contribute. So we've created the "free for all" which starts at 8pm and goes until its gone. That way, everyone can have a chance to share in the harvest!

Become a friend of the Rose Park Crop Swap on Facebook and receive additional updates and information on how you can participate and get involved. Pass the word along to all of your friends and neighbors! The more farmers we get, the better it will be!



  1. Just confirming that's evening on the time. Looks like it is, from the free for all time.

  2. IMO the "Crop Swap" committee should seriously consider advertising as the "Steenblik community garden education and crop swap". Ralph and Scott Steenblik have contributed substantially to the local Rose Park community gardening movement and actually influenced the RPR committee members and this entire idea of the "Crop Swap". It seems dishonorable for RPR to take credit for an idea that has truly come directly from decades of education and involvement from the Steenblik’s have made to the inhabitants of the Rose Park area.

  3. I think this is a great idea! So we're swapping produce grown in our home gardens? I like that Rose Parkers have options of how to obtain home grown produce. I like the community garden, too. Both great options - just different from each other.

  4. In reference to the concerns voiced by "wholecake", we'd like to be clear that the Crop Swap is for those who have PERSONAL gardens on their property. These growers are not tied to the community garden plot at all. The community garden primarily services those who do not have a substantial enough portion of land to grow their own fresh fruit and veggies. This is more about sharing the collective knowledge and efforts of all of our neighborhood growers than anyone "taking credit" for anything. That's why we're called Rose Park Revival, rather than someones name. We function as a community, for the community. We'd love to have Ralph and Scott participate in what we are doing. We don't see our efforts as being linked or competitive in any way.

  5. I think it's a great idea! I dig the concept. What a great way to bring the community together.

  6. We think it's great that we can come together under the community "umbrella" so we can celebrate all gardens and gardners...those who are serious and those who dabble.

    We think this will be a great place to swap crops and knowledge.

  7. Attended yesterday evening and regardless who dreamed it up it was a perfect beginning for what hopefully will be a repetitive gathering. I was even surprised at the quantity and quality of offerings given the late spring and earliness of the date. Everybody that volunteered to help bring the event off should feel particularly proud. Thanks for a wonderful time. Jim Harper

  8. Many thanks to those who are putting this event together. Sad I wasn't able to attend earlier in the summer, but plan to be there this evening for the last day. Thanks for all you do for this great community.