Government Officials Contact Info

In the coming weeks, we will amass a master list of every city, county, state, and federal representative that may have involvement with the future of Rose Park. In addition, we will include additional information on organizations like the Utah Department of Transportation, Public Safety Officials, Parks and Recreation, and the Utah Department of Wildlife Resources. If we are to become a unified voice, we must first know who we should share our message with. Every member of RPR will know exactly who to contact, and when.

Mayors Office & General city issues:
Michael Stott
Community Liaison
Salt Lake City Mayor’s Office
(801) 535-7976

City funding/budget:  
Council Member Carlton Christensen
Comments to the City
Phone & FAX
801.535.7651 (FAX)
801.535.7654 (Comment Line - 24 hour voice mail)

Housing & Zoning Enforcement:
Enforcement Officer: Julie Hollands
Complaints can also be mailed directly to the department by e-mailing

State Government Representative:  
Representative Jen Seelig
986 Sterling Drive
Salt Lake City, Utah  84116

Rose Park Community Council:  
Chair:  Brad Bartholomew
First Wednesday Day-Riverside Library 1575 West 1000 North
6:30 p.m.
(No meeting in July and August)