Ordinance Enforcement Info

One of the primary methods of becoming involved in the beautification of your community is the reporting of major ordinance violations. We, as a council should be focused on the reporting of violations that decrease the value of our neighborhood as a whole. There are literally dozens of ordinances that we are less concerned about, and we have no intention of turning neighbors against each other over petty violations. In the weeks ahead, we will discuss, agree upon, and post the ordinances that we are most concerned with. At that point, if you would like to contact local government officials anonymously, you can submit the violation to RPR and as long as we stand behind the violation, we'll report it for you. The following publication was produced by the city.

Living In Salt Lake City Means Being a Good Neighbor

Updated: March 30, 2010

ADA/Accessibility Issues: ADA Coordinator – Michael Stott: (801) 535-7976

Annual Cleanup: Once each year the city picks up trash, junk and debris; placed on the street (not park strip) no earlier than 10 days before scheduled pickup; notices will be delivered; no construction material; separate trash from yard waste. Information: (801) 535-6333. For enforcement on trash out prior to 10 days or after pickup: (801) 313-6641

CERT Training: SLC Emergency Management, John Flynt: (801) 535-1902

Crime: Call 911 for immediate assistance (emergencies). Call (801) 799-3000 for police follow-up (non-emergencies). Contact your city district’s Community Intelligence Unit (CIU) detective to report crime problems in your community.

Development: Planning: (801) 535-7757, Visit the Planner of the Day 10-3 M-F Rm. 406 City & County. Building & Zoning Services and Permits: (801) 535-7752

Drug Activity: Report suspected drug activity to the drug hotline: (801) 799-DRUG (3784)

Fences: Must be kept upright and in good condition. Information or violations, Housing & Zoning: (801) 535-7225.

Fireworks: Only use approved fireworks, nothing over 15 feet in air; only 3 days before and after July 4, July 24, January 1, Chinese New Year. Violations – Police: (801) 799-3000. Questions – State Fire Marshall: (801) 284-6350

Garage/Yard Sales: Limit to 2 sales, no more than 3 days in length, each calendar year; signs removed in 3 days. Housing and Zoning: (801) 535-7225

Garbage Cans: Out by 7 am; may be out the night before pickup; must be off street by midnight on the day of pickup. Violations – Health Department: (801) 313-6641. Missed pickup, missing can – Sanitation/Waste Management: (801) 535-6970

Graffiti: Must be cleaned off immediately; adopt a spot or call to report for cleanup – Off the Wall: (801) 972-7885

Household Hazardous Waste: Do not throw paint, batteries, oil, cleaning supplies, or chemicals in trash or annual cleanup. Take to landfill at 6030 West California Avenue (1400 South) Mon-Sat 8am-4pm or to other designated locations. Health Department: (801) 313-6700. Tires: Landfill (limit 5) (801) 974-6920

Housing Issues: Single housing unit – no more than three unrelated adults living together; must have heat & water; cannot collect junk/trash; no parking on lawn; fences not over 4 feet in front, 6 feet in back; vehicles must be on hard surface and be registered. House Numbers: Required, 3 inch, contrasting color. Housing and Zoning: (801) 535-7225.

Illegal Dumping: The landfill (6030 West 1300 South) is available for excess materials, Monday – Saturday, 8 am – 4 pm. Illegal to dump waste on private or public property. Report to Health Department: (801) 313-6641

Lighting: Maintenance: 1-800-814-4311 or (801) 535-7147; Light Pollution: Lights not to shine or glare into neighbor’s property. Housing and Zoning: (801) 535-7225

Litter: Must keep in garbage cans; not permitted to blow into street or neighbor’s yard; do not sweep into street. Health Department: (801) 313-6641

Loud Music and Noise: No loud music 9 pm to 7 am (Sun – 9 am), or anytime if it bothers neighbors; music cannot be heard at property line; no horn honking, racing engines, defective vehicles, loud boisterous gatherings; no power equipment between 9 pm to 7 am. Daytime--Health Department: 313-6668; Night/Weekends--Police Department: (801) 799-3000

Outdoor Burning: Must be less than 3 feet wide and 2 feet tall, 25 ft from structures or combustible material, constantly attended, with extinguishing equipment ready. Special burns such as pit roasting or a sweat lodge need to be cleared by the Fire Department. For questions or to report violations: Fire Prevention Bureau – (801) 799-4150

Parking: No parking on street for more than 48 hours without moving; cannot park within 5 feet of driveway, 20 feet of crosswalk, 30 feet of stop sign, over sidewalk, on parking strip; only one car per licensed driver on street. Parking Enforcement: (801) 535-6628

Park Strips: Property owner or tenant responsible; no weeds; must be 33% vegetation; vegetation/landscaping not over 18 inches high - Housing and Zoning: (801) 535-7225. No parking - Parking Enforcement: (801) 535-6628

Pests (rats, mice, raccoons, skunks): Attracted by food & water (pet food, fruit, garbage); bait/traps for rats & mice; careful with poison; call exterminator; traps for wild animals – Wildlife Services: (801) 975-3315

Pets: Dogs cannot run loose, must be on leash, be licensed, have vaccinations; only two per household; clean up feces weekly; barking dogs are nuisance. Cats: No license required; can trap wild/nuisance cats. Animal Services: (801) 559-1100

Public Utilities: Customer Service: (801) 483-6900. Problems with Water, Sewer, Storm Water – 24-hour hotline: (801) 483-6700.

Recycling: Curbside Residential Recycling and Yard Waste Recycling Program, no additional charge for residents with city garbage service. To sign up call (801) 535-6999. For collection problems call (801) 972-4234. Business and multi-family, $3.75 per container per month for weekly service, call (801) 535-6438. High rise, business, and multi-family recycling available through most waste haulers, or Momentum Recycling, (801) 355-0334. www.slcwaste.com

Shopping Carts: Report abandoned shopping carts to the hotline at (801) 446-7984.

Sidewalks: Repair - Property owner responsible; assistance available through city; report cracks, root damage, raised sections – Streets: (801) 535-6959. Obstructions: (801) 535-6248

Signs: Signs may not be placed on public property (parking strips, utility poles, etc.) without permission from city. Signs on private property are controlled by ordinance. Information or violations, Housing & Zoning: (801) 535-7225.

Snow Removal: Snow must be removed from entire sidewalk; enforcement begins 24 hours after snowfall; cannot move into the street. Help clear crosswalks. Streets: (801) 535-6959; Parking Enforcement: (801) 535-6628.

Standing Water/Auto Fluids: Causes odors, bacteria, mosquitoes; no auto fluids (oil, antifreeze) on the ground, street. Health Department: (801) 313-6641.

Storage: Yards not to be used as storage areas for unlicensed vehicles, building materials, ties, indoor furniture, appliances or other items commonly known as junk. Information or violations, Housing & Zoning: (801) 535-7225.

Traffic Signs: Requests for new signs – Transportation, (801) 535-6630; missing or damaged signs – Sign Shop, (801) 535-6990

Urban Forestry/City Trees: Adjacent property owners are responsible for watering. Cannot plant, trim or remove city trees without permission. Planting program available to request a tree. Call about broken limbs or dying trees. Urban Forester: (801) 972-7818.

Weeds: Any weeds or grass over 6 inches is violation; enforcement normally done April through October; Housing and Zoning: (801) 535-7225